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Grass Cutting Machine

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Keeping a lawn healthy and looking great requires regular mowing and trimming. Lawn mowers and brush cutters are two of the most common grass cutting machines used for this purpose. Lawn mowers come in a variety of types, including push, self-propelled, and riding, while brush cutters are designed for tougher vegetation and typically come in gas-powered, electric, or cordless options.

As a leading supplier of grass cutting machine in Kenya, we offer a wide variety of products with different specifications and features to meet your needs and budget.

Lawn Mowers - Lawn mowers are the most popular grass cutting machines used for maintaining lawns. The type of lawn mower you choose will depend on the size of your lawn, terrain, and personal preference. Let's take a closer look at the top brands of lawn mowers available on the market:

Honda - Honda is a well-known brand in the lawn mower industry, known for their high-quality engines and durability. Their lawn mowers come in a variety of types, including push, self-propelled, and riding. Honda lawn mowers are also known for their quiet operation and fuel efficiency.

Ryobi - Ryobi is a popular brand among homeowners for their affordable lawn mowers that offer great value for money. Their lawn mowers come in a variety of types, including push and self-propelled, and are known for their ease of use and innovative features.

Briggs and Stratton - Briggs and Stratton is another well-known brand in the lawn mower industry, known for their reliable engines and sturdy construction. Their lawn mowers come in a variety of types, including push, self-propelled, and riding, and are designed to meet a range of needs and budgets.

When choosing a lawn mower, there are several key features to consider. The engine power, cutting width, cutting height adjustment, and bag capacity are all important factors to keep in mind. It's also important to consider the type of terrain your lawn has, as well as your personal preferences for ease of use and maintenance.

Brush Cutters

Brush cutters are designed for tougher vegetation, such as weeds and tall grass, and are typically used for areas of land, such as farms or fields with obstacles that would damage the lawn mower deck. There are several types of brush cutters available on the market, including gas-powered, electric, and cordless options.

When choosing a brush cutter, it's important to consider the cutting width, blade type, weight, and power source. The bigger the cutting width, the more you can cut in one swoop meaning you are able to clear larger areas quickly. Brush cutters come equipped with different types of blades and materials to cut different vegetation with. Ensure that you get the best blades for your brush cutter. Finally, it is important to consider the weight of the brush cutter. Heavy cutters are difficult to maneuver and may lead to fatigue after use.

Gas-powered brush cutters may be more powerful, but they are also heavier and louder, while electric and cordless options are quieter and more environmentally friendly, but may not have as much power.

Tips for Choosing the Right Grass Cutting Machine

Choosing the right grass cutting machine depends on several factors, including the size and type of your lawn or property, the type of vegetation you need to cut, and your personal preferences. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Consider the size of your lawn: If you have a small to medium-sized lawn, a push mower or electric lawn mower may be sufficient. However, if you have a larger lawn, a self-propelled or riding mower may be a better option. You should also consider the terrain. Some mowers are equipped with tires or wheels that enable them to easily maneuver rough terrain while others are just designed for use on flat terrain.

Consider the type of vegetation: If you need to cut tough weeds or thick grass, a brush cutter may be necessary. However, if you have a relatively flat lawn with just a few areas that need trimming, a lawn mower may suffice. The type of vegetation will also determine the power of the machine you choose since they come with different power options. Powerful machines will get through tough vegetation with ease while the less powerful ones may struggle.

Noise levels and environmental impact: If you live in a quiet neighborhood or are concerned about the environmental impact of your lawn care, electric or battery-powered options may be a better choice. Also, fuel powered machines with 4 stroke engines are quieter than those with 2 stroke engines. The construction of the lawn mower or brush cutter also determines the noise level. There are some products that have frames and bodies that absorb the vibrations to reduce noise levels.

Maintenance and care: Consider the maintenance requirements of the grass cutting machine you choose, as well as the cost of replacement parts and repairs. Regular maintenance is essential to keep your grass cutting machine running smoothly and to extend its lifespan. For some machines maintenance is easy and something you can do yourself whereas for some models maintenance can be complex and require a professional.

Investing in a high-quality grass cutting machine can make all the difference in maintaining a beautiful and healthy lawn. It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional or you just want something for home use, we are here to ensure you get the best products in the market. With factors like efficiency, safety, performance, and ergonomics taken care of, we guarantee you will fall in love with our products.

We have been in this industry for many years and so we understand our products really well. We have a wide variety of products from the top brands worldwide for you to choose from. Our products have been chosen to meet the needs of our diverse clientele so we have something for everyone. If price is a concern for you, do not worry because we are also very considerate in our pricing and we have products at different budget points. Contact us now to place your order.