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Hedge Trimmer Price in Kenya

Hedge Trimmer Prices:

Hawking 2 stroke Petrol Hedge Trimmer (22.5cc 0.65kw engine) ---> Ksh 28,000
Total Battery Powered Hedge Trimmer (20V Lithium Ion) ---> Ksh 25,000
Honda GX35 4 stroke Petrol Hedge Trimmer (35cc) ---> Ksh 52,000

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A good hedge trimmer can be a blessing. It helps you save time in trimming hedges and prevents fatigue. But above all, a quality hedge trimmer gives you a neat and clean cut that you will be proud of. There are many types of hedge trimmers you will get in the market and all at different hedge trimmer price in Kenya.

You get a choice between electric and petrol operated hedge trimmers. Petrol hedge trimmers are ideal if you run a landscaping business and need to trim many hedges in a day or work throughout the day without stopping. This way you are not limited for how long you can work by battery power. Electric hedge trimmers are silent and a breeze to use but the battery will require to be charged at the end of the day or sometimes in between depending on how much work you have done. If you go with a corded version, you are limited to how far off you can go with the trimmer.

If you are used to cutting long hedges, then you need a long reach trimmer. These trimmers have a long handle that allows you to reach the top of long hedges easily and safely. The long reach trimmers are found in corded, cordless and petrol variants to suit your preferences.

We can help you save money when buying a hedge trimmer. We offer competitive fence trimmer prices in kenya. We offer quality hedge trimmers and at the best hedge trimmer price in Kenya. We have a variety of premium brands known for offering quality tools. Our wide variety of tools can meet even the needs of even the most demanding customers. We stock both petrol and electric versions with a wide variety of features for you to choose from. Browse our products and contact us for more information.