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Honda Lawn Mower Kenya

Lawn Mower Price in Kenya

Honda HL18P 4.2 18" KSH 64,000/=
Honda HL182 4.2 18" KSH 68,000/=
Honda HL203 4.9 20" KSH 78,000/=
Honda HL224 (with GCV-170 EnginešŸ”„) 5.5 22" KSH 85,000/=
Honda HL224 (with GCV-160 EnginešŸ”„) 5.5 22" KSH 92,000/=

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Honda is among the top manufacturers of lawn mowers internationally. The company has some of the most innovative and functional lawn mowers selling on the Kenyan market. A simple search for Honda lawn mower Kenya and you will be impressed.

The first thing that impresses about Honda lawn mowers Kenya is the kind of cut you get from the lawn mower. Some lawn mowers cannot give a good straight cut that allows the grass to grow back up with ease after a given duration keeping your lawn healthy. The best Honda lawn mowers also come with dual blade cutting system that provides better mulching than a single blade. Honda lawn mowers can also bag the clippings if you do not want to mulch the lawn you are mowing.

Many people with Honda lawn mowers in Kenya, will tell you these lawn mowers especially win when it comes to their performance. They come with the revolutionary Honda engines that are known for smooth performance and high efficiency. Honda engines are also long lasting and do not overheat easily when in operation. You are therefore sure that you can use your Honda lawn mower for long without stopping to let the engine cool or experiencing inefficiencies due to an overheating engine.

The powerful Honda engines come with different operation modes so you get the kind of performance you desire depending on what you are cutting and how you want to cut. There are many other brands you will find in the market but if you are really looking for a reliable and high-performance lawn mower, then you should consider choosing a Honda lawn mower.

We are direct suppliers of Honda lawn mowers in Kenya and have a wide variety of their quality products in stock for you to choose from. Place your order now or contact us today to learn more about Honda lawn mowers Kenya.