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Lawn mower price in Kenya

Grass Cutting Machines Prices:

>> Lawn Mowers <<

Honda HLP18 - Ksh 58,000/=
Honda HL2118 - Ksh 64,000/=
Honda HL3120 - Ksh 72,000/=
Honda HL4122 - Ksh 85,000/=

>> Brush Cutters <<

Hawking 2 in 1 brush cutter - Ksh 20,000/=
Honda 2 in 1 brush cutter - Ksh 45,000/=
Surtec 2 in 1 brush cutter - Ksh 30,000/=
Hawking 4 in 1 brush cutter - Ksh 35,000/=
Honda 4 in 1 brush cutter - Ksh 55,000/=
Hawking 8 in 1 brush cutter - Ksh 28,000/=

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Lawn mowers come in different types and different lawn mower prices in Kenya. Your choice on the lawn mower to invest in however, should not be entirely based on price or budget but what the lawn mower can do for you. There are petrol, electric and manual lawn mowers to choose from.

If you have a small garden or lawn, a manual lawn mower can suffice. They do not require any fuel or charging batteries. They are simple to use and require minimal maintenance. They are also very silent when in operation. However, they cannot be used on large lawns because they are very tiring. The electric lawn mowers are great when you have a medium sized garden to work on.

Electric lawn mowers can either be corded or cordless. Corded variants must stay tethered to the power mains through power cords to operate. The cordless ones operate on battery so they are not limited to lawns that are just near the house or a power source. However, the cordless variants cannot run for long continuously since the battery will run out and require recharging.

The last variant of lawn mowers are petrol lawn mowers. These are more powerful and can be used to mow large gardens and lawns. They are available in both hand-pushed and driven models. The driven models are more capable and come at a higher lawn mower price in Kenya than hand-pushed models. With petrol models you have to keep some petrol at hand when you are working on large gardens. They are also noisier than the electric and manual models.

Besides choosing between the three types of lawn mowers, there are also many features to consider. We can help you choose the right lawn mower for your needs and budget. For more, check briggs and stratton lawn mower.